Our Fall 2023 Applications are now closed. 

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This semester, all of our departments are recruiting new members. Applications are due by Wednesday, August 30th at 11:59 p.m. Additionally, rolling applications for photographers, models, and illustrators will be open semester-long. Please email with your full name and intended position in the subject, in addition to a sample of your work (if applying to be a photographer and/or model and/or illustrator).

is dedicated to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for all who join. In particular, we will assure the necessary flexibility and accommodations for all of its members.

Departmental Applications;
You may apply to up to two departments. Directors will contact you if you are chosen for an interview. Please see descriptions below. 

The creative division conceptualizes and executes the photoshoots that appear in our print magazine as well as on our website. Applicants must feel comfortable working in groups and speaking to local vendors (we will provide training for this). They should enjoy developing a creative vision, and be able to think thematically. We are looking for individuals dedicated to a creative division; members must be committed to spending two to three hours every week planning a cohesive photoshoot and be available to assist on set the entire day of the shoot. Members are able to engage in professional-caliber photoshoots and styling. The team is typically 20-25 members.

The Editorial department produces all written content for the print issue and the website, Members of Editorial must have strong writing skills and feel comfortable discussing and editing their work with the Editorial Directors. All members will have the opportunity to pitch a story for the print publication. All members will be required to write for the website.

Do you have a passion for arts and fashion but have a business-brain? Finance is a great department to become submersed in BARE’s cultures and projects while employing problem-solving and business-related skills. The Finance department encouraged creativity to create brand partnerships, seek out sponsorships, and handle the monetary aspect of the magazine. This department is a great fit for you if you want to find an intersection between fashion and business.

The layout team is responsible for the overall design of the print publication, promotional materials, and logos. Applicants must have familiarity with design software (e.g. Adobe Suite). They must be willing to allow a large portion of time to the magazine during layout weeks, and meet for at least once an hour every other week. In addition, we ask that members of the layout team attend photoshoots and meet with writers to better understand the pieces for which they are designing and in order that members feel involved in the entire creative process. The team is typically 8-10 individuals. Weekly commitment is about 1 hour except in the layout weeks during which there will be daily 2 hour meetings.

Thank you for your interest in BARE Operations! BARE Operations is perfect for those who appreciate art and fashion, but prefer to make sure things get done, thinking about logistics and making sure ideas are feasible. You’ll also have opportunities to do event planning! No experience needed–applicants should be organized, responsible and willing to take initiative. An idea of what to expect in the upcoming semester: Members will select a project from a predetermined list or come up with one of their own. Projects can be anything! From creative ways to increase revenue to communicating with local businesses and potential partners, BARE Operations covers a wide range of options for all experience levels. Team size is typically 6-8 individuals.

The Marketing team is responsible for promoting BARE events and managing our social media platforms. Specifically, this semester, we are looking for graphic designers for our creative content team. Applicants must enjoy devising marketing strategies, be willing to dedicate time to make BARE graphics for FB, Insta, Youtube, and Twitter. While Indesign and previous design skill are recommended, it is not required! The content team is typically 4-6 individuals. Weekly time commitment is roughly 3-4 hours depending on scheduled BARE events and marketing campaigns. Throughout the semester, we work on our marketing campaigns, collaborations with companies/clubs, and creating new content for the social media platforms. As we go virtual, we are excited to see what new ideas our team will conceptualize!

Our Web Department is looking for two qualified webmasters this semester to help maintain and continue building our Cargo site! We are responsible for the digital presence of BARE and help ensure the work of our other departments manifests beautifully onto our digital platform. Web works closely with our executive team and other departments in the organization, but will not be expected to commit to every weekly all-staff meeting.

The Art Department works across all departments to create the overall art direction of BARE for the semester. Some responsibilities we take on include, BARE merch, semester brand book (color scheme, visual content and fonts for magazine) and promotional content for magazine.

Artist Fund
The Artist Fund team handles our philantropic fund for underrepresented artists in the UC Berkeley community. The team is 3-5 individuals. You will be tasked with hosting fundrasing events, creating partnerships, reviewing applications, and dispersing grants to fund winners. If you are interested in exploring and supporting the surrounding artist community, this team is a great fit for you!