BARE Magazine 
26 July 2021

Fawziyah Laguide is a 19 year-old, third-year student at Berkeley who studies Political Science. She is a 2nd generation Beninese American student and recently published her first poetry book on Amazon. She’s been writing poetry since she was about 14 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Two of her powerful poems, “This Dark Skin” and “America the Great,” that were published in our recent Summer 2020 issue, are also featured in her novel.

Her poetry book, “The Letter P: Power, Passion and Purpose” discusses the challenges people face navigating life. The power we hold as individuals and the power society and our personal life hold over us are part of this discussion. The book considers passion and sexuality, and it unpacks the powerful emotions of love and adoration that we have for others and ourselves. Furthermore, the author explores how that same love can lift us up or destroy us. Last but not least, its final section, “Purpose,” discusses the deep, heart-wrenching events in someone’s life that cause them to rethink who they are and why they are alive. A person’s ultimate purpose can be shaped by the power and passions of a person. The author’s main goal is to make their reader embark on a journey of ups and downs, through real-life events and fictional stories that reflect life itself. By the end of the book, the author allows the reader to touch and feel the power of words that begin with the letter “P”.
If this book sounds intriguing, pull out your phone and scan the QR Code below to get your own copy, available in paperback and for Kindle eBook! Now for a sneak peak from Laguide’s new book, a poem entitled “Me, Myself or I”. For more information, or inquiries, follow her on instagram @instaziyah, or email her at mojisola@berkeley.edu.