BARE Artist Fund

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the BARE Artist Fund was created as a virtual fundraiser to grant financial support to historically underrepresented artists at UC Berkeley. BARE continues to distribute grants each year to selected applicants. Apply for a scholarship this Spring 2024.

Donate to “BARE Magazine” then email us

UC Berkeley undergraduate students who identify with a group that is historically underrepresented in the arts are encouraged to apply.


Sam Quinones

Sam, 21-year-old Libra, has been playing music for as long as they can remember, growing up training in classical piano and picking up guitar around the age of 14. Over the past few years, they started writing their own music, describing it as “truly liberating.”

With the BARE Artist Fund grant, they were able to record their entire EP with their producer Alex Purcell. Having put their heart and soul into this EP, Sam is thankful to everyone who supported them along the way.

Listen to their EP, Cut, available on Spotify.

Mandhuai Baatar

Mandhuai is a multi-talented artist with works in painting, sculpting, screen printing, embroidery, sewing, and tattooing. She identifies as a Mongolian-American, first-generation queer woman who utilizes art to further learn how their experiences are a product of the surrounding world. She uses spirituality as the vessel through which one creates spontaneously— finding empowerment in visual elements of the past, patterns and colors, and lines that feel familiar. Through her art, Mandhuai puts emphasis on understanding the community and culture of her conflicting personas.

Andrew is an artist in New Media with a background in Mixed Media and Sculptural Ceramics. Currently, he is exploring installation and curatorial practices that focus on spatial, auditorial, and digital environments. He describes his artwork as “tales that capture taboo subcultures and subgenres of contemporary human experience.”

The BARE Artist Fund grant has allowed Andrew's understanding of ceramics to deepen tremendously, as it has given him the opportunity to obtain materials that are hard to come by, ultimately allowing him to produce new methods of applying color to ceramics.

Check out Andrew’s website,

Emily Peng

Emily is currently pursuing dual degrees in English Literature and Data Science, with career aspirations in law. However, Emily’s biggest passion is creative writing; she is a published poet and working writer for several publications.

She shares her poetry through her writing blog and the sporadic literary magazine. Emily gave a TEDxTalk on the intersections between mental health and literature; she has also worked as a behavioral therapist, aiming to improve communication skills with children on the spectrum. She aims to connect her passion for writing with her work in community service and speech. Her goal is to publish a collection with her grant from BARE.

Check out her writing Blog,